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By Lollie Butler



Frank Young 


Frank Young was 96 when he died, May 8, 2013.  He wrote poetry most of his life, but didn’t get around to publishing any until he produced a wonderful book of some of his poetry at the tender age of 94.


I was a long time friend of Frank.  For many years Frank and I had “a grand old time” (one of Frank’s favorite phrases) communicating long distance with each other, sharing and enjoying each other’s poetry, and appreciating each other’s poetic sensibilities.  


On May 9, 2013 I composed a tribute to my friend, which was read by the Honourable Norman Dyson during his eulogy for our friend Frank Young on May 10, 2013 at Rosedale United Church, Toronto, Canada.




Frank Young, The Noble Poet




While time and light are with us

and the rhythm of the earth

informs our pulses,

we take up work the world welcomes

by hand and mind and heart.


Made in the image and likeness,

we endure each day by the love of work

that serves the common good.


The carpenter changes the profile of a city;

the architect, the agriculturist and the poet

lead our human procession.


Born in love, the noble poet dies in love

with the world god has lent him.  He never rests

among the dead.  He and his words are one.  

He blesses our lives as we bless him.


By virtue of how he lived; close to family, friends,

his educational roots and how they inform

future generations, he inspires us to be true beings –

not by intellect alone – but by an old intelligence of the heart.


Witness to the sad and unfinished wars of the world,

he has stood by the grave site and not cursed god,

has held the newborn in his arms and endured every joy

and bone-felt sorrow passed on by this world.


There is great missing when the world must let go

of such a man; one who keeps his word; a man who IS his word.


Born in love, he has done what he came to do;

has waged peace and lived a noble life

written indelibly on our hearts – and tenderly –

as the old poet cups his hand against the candle

and blows out the light.   



Lollie Butler is an Arizona Fellow in literature with a specialty in poetry.


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