The Wetiko Myth Crisis



After 21 years of studying Soviet Communism I have stumbled across a philosophy that explains the unexplainable; the mass murder cult we call “the revolutionary left”.   The concept is called wetiko.  Native American scholar Jack D. Forbes in his book Columbus and Other Cannibals first brought it into discourse.  Later, Paul Levy applied the term to the contemporary world.


Let’s quote Levy’s definition:  “The term wetiko is a Cree term which, to quote Forbes, refers to ‘an evil person or spirit who terrorizes other creatures by means of terrible evil acts.  Wetikos are the human instruments for the transpersonal spirit of evil to terrorize the world’.”


Communism is not mysterious; it is a system of warfare with no morals or ethics.  Its only goal is total power and it will use any means to get it.  What is mysterious is the international left that supports it.  Although the revolutionary left murdered at least 150 million people, the so-called “limousine left” is sure that they occupy the moral high ground and to question their goals is the height of bad form.  How do we explain this? Wetiko!


Wetiko in the modern era began with the French Revolution’s guillotine.  A hundred and fifty million murders later, the whole world today needs to be liberated from its own culture.


Dostoevsky described something similar in the 19th century nihilist movement as a mental virus that infects the minds of men and makes them so sure of their cause that they will commit incredible crimes in support of it and never question themselves.  


Wetiko is a virus of the mind that evil exploits.  Some say it is a natural mechanism of population control like lemmings rushing into the sea.  Is this a human mechanism that tricks us into devouring ourselves down to Marx’s level of halted development?  When I think of the pyramids scattered all over the earth I imagine wetiko destroying all aspects of that great culture leaving only the stones which were too heavy to destroy, just as Maoist wetiko erased 5,000 years of Chinese culture in only two generations.


The Native Americans say wetiko has a positive side.  When this virus of evil seizes the minds of people, like it has seized the supporters of the revolutionary left, it creates a miraculous opportunity: the opportunity to overcome evil and elevate ourselves beyond the reach of wetiko.  Success equals a golden age.  Failure means 15 thousand years from now people will be looking at the Hoover Dam and concluding that it must be a tomb for a Pharaoh of some sort.

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