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Lawrence Hill




One of the most important contributors to black culture in Canada, Lawrence Hill is the son of a black father and a white mother, civil rights activists who came to Canada the day after they were married in Washington D.C.  in 1953.  Mr. Hill has a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Laval University in Quebec City and a Masters in writing from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.  Fluent in French and Spanish, he was a reporter with The Globe and Mail and a parliamentary correspondent for The Winnipeg Free Press.


In BlackBerry, Sweet Juice:  On Being Black and White in Canada Mr. Hill told the story of his parents’ lives, how they left the United States and raised a family in Toronto.  Any Known Blood is a fictionalized account of his family’s history, going back and forth across the U.S. and Canadian border.  His novel The Book of Negroes has earned him the recognition as being one of Canada’s most successful writers.  In the novel, he combines fiction with the realty of slavery, telling the story of the life of an African girl abducted from her home and taken to the American South in the 1700s.  Mr. Hill has also produced documentary work, writing Trials and Triumphs:  The Story of African-Canadians for young readers, and Women of Vision:  The Story of the Canadian Negro Women’s Association, 1951-1976.


Mr. Hill has received international acclaim for The Book of Negroes, which won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best Book and the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize.  It was longlisted for both the Scotiabank Giller Prize and the IMPAC Award.



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