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Assaf Gavron




The son of English immigrants, Assaf Gavron grew up in a small town near Jerusalem before moving to London, England, where he spent 10 years.  After studying in London and Vancouver, he returned to Israel, where he wrote a column in a magazine on fast food.  He has written novels and short stories, and his work has been adapted for Habima, Israel’s national theatre.  Three of his novels have been optioned for movies by film producers.  He has also translated works by J.D. Salinger, Philip Roth and Jonathan Safran Foer from English to Hebrew.  He was the chief writer of the computer game Peacemaker, which simulates the conflict in the Middle East, and is a singer and songwriter for The Mouth and Foot, an Israeli band.


Mr. Gavron’s fiction has been translated into many languages.  His novel Almost Dead (published as CrocAttack! in the UK) is a story that takes place in the Middle East Intifada 20 years ago, and is told from two points of view, those of a suicide bomber and a survivor of the bombings.  The inspiration for the novel began when Mr. Gavron was a solider in Gaza, an experience from which he created one of the storytellers.  The second storyteller grew from his life in Tel Aviv in 2002 when suicide bombs were a daily occurrence. 


As evidence of his international reach, Mr. Gavron has been awarded the Israeli Geffen Award, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Creative Award for Authors, 2011, the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin fellowship in Germany, and the Prix Courrier International award in France.




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