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Niccolò Ammaniti




Niccolò Ammaniti, born in Rome, could have been a biologist instead of an internationally acclaimed writer.  Although he studied the subject in university, he did not complete his thesis, choosing to write a novel instead.  The book, entitled Branchie! (Gills in English), was published as part of a series of books by new authors.  Inspired by his job of breeding fish for a vendor of acquariums while he was studying, the book is about a man who breeds fish but faces death within three months.


After the success of Branchie!, Mr. Ammaniti teamed up with his father, a psychology professor, to write Nel Nome del Figlio (In the Name of the Son), a book about adolescence.  He went on to write Fango (Mud), a collection of short stories.


A few years later he wrote another novel, Ti Prendo e Ti Porto Via (Steal You Away), before writing the book that skyrocketed him to fame.  Lo Non Ho Paura (I’m Not Scared), a coming of age story combining lost childhood innocence and adult cruelty, won the Italian literary award, the Premio Viareggio.  Niccolò Ammaniti was the youngest writer to win this award, first given in 1930.  The book went on to become an international bestseller, and was later adapted into a film.  His next novel, Come Dio Comanda (As God Commands), about a father-son relationship, also won an Italian literary award, the Premio Strega.  Mr. Ammaniti, whose fiction combines horror and comedy, says that he is trying to show the disturbing reality of contemporary Italy.




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