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Hilary Mantel




Novelist and critic, Hilary Mantel was born in Glossop, Derbyshire.  She studied law at the London School of Economics before transferring to the University of Sheffield, graduating with a Bachelor of Jurisprudence.  After graduation, she worked in the social work department of a geriatric hospital and published her first book, Every Day is Mother’s Day, based on her experiences there.  She moved to Botswana for five years and then to Saudi Arabia for four years before returning to the UK.


In 2009, Ms. Mantel was awarded the Man Booker Prize for Fiction for her novel Wolf Hall, the first of a planned trilogy.  Her experience in Saudi Arabia, where no one can speak freely, provided inspiration for the novel, which is a fictional account of the life of Thomas Cromwell, adviser to Henry VIII, at the time when the King was trying to produce a male heir to his throne.  Having gained an understanding of an environment in which free speech was forbidden, Ms. Mantel envisioned a similar situation at the court of Henry VIII, in which rumor and innuendo became the mode of communication.


In the second novel of the trilogy, Bring up the Bodies, Ms. Mantel continues the story of Thomas Cromwell.  The novel tells of the downfall of Anne Boleyn, who did not provide Henry VIII with an heir, and the transference of the King’s affections to Jane Seymour.  In 2012, Ms. Mantel was again awarded the Man Booker Prize for the novel.  She is currently working on the third book in the trilogy, entitled Mirror and the Light.




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