And I’ll bet the sweeps on that! 




Q:  The old adage: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  Do apples actually pack this power?  Stedmon – Dusseldorf, Germany


AB:  Stedmon, with the advent of all the trendy “super foods” it is easy to forget that common fruit we’ve been consuming for years have their own super food powers.   Apples contain quercitin, a chemical that protects the blood vessels and reduces inflammation.  The natural occurring pigments or anthocyanin’s, help to protect the body from cancer.  Studies suggest that eating an apple a day can help reduce the risks of acquiring type 2 diabetes; apples are high in soluble fibre, which helps to reduce blood sugar from spiking.



Q:  Is it healthy to take wheat out of my diet?  There seems to be so many products that are catering to this diet trend?  Lalasa – UK


AB:  There are many reasons for people to take wheat out of their diet, Lalasa.  For some,  the choice is eliminating the debilitating symptoms associated with celiac disease, Crohne’s or colitis.  Others find that removing wheat from their diet helps to alleviate joint pain, migraines, and bloating.  So if taking wheat out of your diet helps to curtail certain symptoms or improves your quality of life, it may be a good choice for you.  What’s not good, is replacing processed wheat products (bread, pasta, muffins etc.) with other processed foods, just because they are wheat free.  Always choose whole nutritious foods to fuel your life.



Q:  As a health and food professional are there any foods that you would never think of eating?  Mitchell – New Orleans 

AB:  Never is a pretty big word to use, Mitchell, but there are certain foods I do my best to stay away from.  I stay away from them because not only are they not healthy, they actually are health depleting.  Here is my “never eat” list: Artificial sweeteners, margarine, anything fat-free, processed meats/hotdogs!

Q:  I have been trying to incorporate whole fresh foods in my diet, but I find they don’t deliver the same flavor I am used to in my fast food diet lifestyle, can you help?  Chester – Corner Brook, Newfoundland


AB:  This is the number one complaint from people trying to make a lifestyle shift to clean eating, Chester.  The fact is, your fast food diet has done a good job of hyper stimulating your taste buds.  This hyper stimulation is no accident, and the manufacturers of these foods go to very long lengths to make sure they have the perfect combination of fat, sugar and salt to create an addictive product.  My suggestion is to give your mouth time to come back to the natural flavors of real food. 


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