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Mindset Shifts For Permanent Weight Loss




It’s time to leave your old self behind and to welcome change into your life for a better you!


“Losing weight is easy.  Keeping it off is the hard part.”  Is this saying true?  I think losing weight ishard, but keeping it off is even harder!

Permanent weight loss requires a lot of change.  And for most, change is difficult.  You have to change what and how much you eat, your activity and exercise habits, sleeping habits, daily schedule and shopping habits.  That’s a lot of change!

However, the most important changes you can make aren’t about what you do, but rather how you think.  People who have reached weight-loss goals and kept off the pounds often experience mindset shifts.  They think differently than they did before.  They share these core attitudes and beliefs, which assist them in their quest for a healthier, thinner and vibrant self!

1.   I believe that I can do it.  I am responsible for – and in control of – my destiny, and I am fully committed to getting there.  Exercise and eating healthy aren’t things I do when it’s convenient; they are what I have decided to do no matter what.

2.   I am proactive rather than reactive.  I take time at the beginning of each week to plan my meals, figure out when I can get to the grocery store and schedule my exercise.  And I always have a Plan B so I can stay on track in case something unexpected happens. 


3.   I am disciplined.  My mind is always focused on my vision.  It’s not about how I feel right now.  It’s about what I want for my future self.  Despite not always wanting to do what needs to be done, I do it anyway. 


4.   I share my goals and plans.  My friends and family are aware that taking good care of myself and keeping the weight off is a core value of mine.  I stand up for myself without apology.  When I am feeling vulnerable, I ask for help.


5.   I am resilient.  When I stumble or fall down, I pick myself up and resourcefully figure out how to move on.  Life throws curveballs all the time, but they aren’t reasons to throw my healthy habits away.  I deal with the reality of the situation and creatively work toward overcoming adversity.

6.   I have self-compassion.  I’m only human and there are times when things don’t go as well as I’d like.  I just do the best I can.  When I slip up, I get right back on track.  I do not beat myself up if a few pounds creep back on. 


Can “you” do this…




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