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Open-air Atrium Lobby aboard Viking Longships

Open-air Atrium Lobby aboard Viking Longships



Christmas On The River Rhine

Aboard Viking River Cruises



If you have never experienced the Christmas Markets along the Rhine, it is time.  These markets make us all wish for times now past.  However the old traditions are still alive with beautiful markets with beautiful decorations and food to tempt everyone.


Booths are lined up, the winter air is filled with the delicious smells of Stollen (a fruit bread), bratwurst, and spicy gingerbread cookies; all are difficult to resist, as is the mulled wine and baked apples.  No watching the waist on this trip!


There are wooden figures, musical clocks, wonderful baked goods and hand-made gifts and decorations.  The horns of heralding angels are replaced by hunting horns, the animals baying in the manger are real and pet-able.  And if you’re lucky, you’ll see Santa making an appearance in a horse drawn sleigh with the horns and a children’s choir heralding his arrival.


Visit all the highlights of the legendary Rhine in just eight days.


In Germany, see the many charming castles commanding the riverbanks as you sail by and tour both Marksburg Castle and the ruins of Heidelberg Castle.


Admire Cologne, the jewel of the Rhine, with its awe-inspiring Dom, and experience the lush landscape of the Black Forest region.  The Cathedral, begun in 1248, was not completed until 1880.  For over seven centuries, the same faith and a spirit of absolute fidelity to the original plan inspired successive builders.  In the heart of the town stalls are set out displaying a huge range of traditional Christmas gifts and decorations, wooden toys, glass and ceramic and porcelain items; with marionettes, nutcrackers, music boxes and figures being among the most popular.


Explore Holland’s famous windmills and waterworks, encounter multicultural Strasbourg in France, and take part in the inviting nightlife in Rüdesheim’s Drosselgasse.  On this itinerary you see a lot without spending a lot.


The Magic of the European Christmas has cruises sailing from November 29 through December 14.  Here, the spirit and romance of the holidays come alive with the tunes of traditional carols around every corner.


This is a great trip filled with wonder and beauty. 


A Viking River cruise is always a special treat, but at Christmas, it is truly wondrous offering a more refined and intimate experience.


Rhine Getaway — eight days, six guided tours, four countries. 


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