As we venture out into our world, travel can consist of a day visit to the closest towns or a journey that will place our feet clear on the other side of the world. It is all about discovery and about everywhere we walk. So, COME – EXPLORE WITH ME.



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Coming Home

If Only In My Dreams




Wherever I have been, no matter how delightful the people, how beautiful the beaches, the sunsets, the mountains, how fascinating the history, when I return home, my heart is filled with smiles and love.

That place where roots are deep, tradition steeped in longevity abounds and those we love who also love us are awaiting our return.  That’s my favorite place.


Home, where if my mood is less than bubbling and sunny, I can call a friend and say, “let’s have lunch”.  And my spirits can soar and laughter bursts forth, a secure place both within my heart and head. The place that hides the faults and flaws of the world.


And this is what Christmas means to me.  A time to create calmness in me, to allow my soul to reconnect with beliefs.  To be the best emissary I can for my God.  To love others as He has loved me.


So for all of you who know the song, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, the last line, says it all, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas If Only In My Dreams”, it’s that gift of love that we can share no matter where we are.


My very best to all, sprinkled with large doses of love.


Lois Gordon

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