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Oscar Shines on His Podium of Gold — As Should You!



Discovering the Muse Within

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87th Annual Oscars will go down in the history books as the most political year. As avid Charity supporters on many levels, we were deeply touched by the awareness. With many charity podiums, these Oscars were second to none in the division of beautiful gowns, shoes, purses, scarves and accessories.


Our mouths dropped when we got an eyeful of Scarlet Johanson’s perfectly matched chocker. No wonder! Versace had designed the necklace with the dress. Let’s face it. Most of us shop for our accessories after the dress has been selected. And we have a few great rules to follow in order to get that perfectly polished look.


Try these simple ‘How Tos’ and then: take a beautiful creation to a mesmerizing vision.


One shoulder dress – with an exposed shoulder throughout the day or evening. There is very little you will need to do to enhance your décolleté! Bring the eye down the exposed arm with a thick bangle bracelet. We would suggest The Yale.


Spaghetti strap slip dress – this classic number is always a winner. And should be paired in the same fashion. We love to drape this number with The Baubles & Crystals.


Flapper dresses are full of fun and detail. To pull this dress off – reach for the Gatsby inspired necklace and work into the crown of your head. Our favorite selections to pull this look off properly are a toss-up between The Savage Muse & the double layer Diamond Cradle.


If you’ve ever been to one of our events, or to any of the locations that carry our line, you will know that we encourage you to play, engage and get familiar with not only our pieces, but also get to know how you feel in them.


How else can you begin to understand our ‘tag line’: discover the muse within.




JEWELRY:                         Bishop & Medusa 

HAIR:                                 Robert Caputi of Fluid Salon & Spa

MAKEUP:                          Mojgan Asghari of Fluid Salon & Spa

PHOTOGRAPHY:              Matthew Schibler

STYLIST:                           Victoria Franciosa 

POST PHOTOGRAPHY:   Amped Media Studios




V i c t o r i a  F r a n c i o s a


a m p e d m e d i a s t u d i o s


D E S I G N  &  G R A P H I C S

B R A N D I N G   C O N C E P T S  &  M A R K E T I N G


23 Racine Road

Toronto – Canada.  M9W 2Z4

416.988.3433 : : 647.955.9347





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