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Commanding attention through the symphony of dazzling flare, cascading on your neck in harmony with the woman you are.



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Discovering The Muse Within

Vignette One of Eight




A lady never goes without her essentials, and Bishop & Medusa is the epitome of a ladies essentials. Tantalizing lengths of all imaginable magnitudes, delicately playing on your skin to pull the muse to the forefront of the evening’s festivities.


Drawing attention to regions of your body is no small feat, especially when all eyes are on you as you stroll through a room of admirers. Jewels that highlight make it increasingly effortless, commanding attention through the symphony of dazzling flare cascading on your neck in harmony with the woman you are.


Discovering the muse within could never be so intriguing – as you enter a dimension of dancing your own personal tango of lights before an evening of festivities with friends and admirers.


It doesn’t stop there. The dance goes on long after the night’s festivities have come to an end. Discovering the muse while dancing into twilight, while getting ready for an afternoon with the girls, going shopping, or heading out to the gym: Bishop & Medusa is perfect for your morning, afternoon, evening.


We have put the muse into every piece we have carefully selected. From the Vamp, who lets the rock star out to the Hepburn, who brings out eloquent sophistication.


You make your own rules.


Your jewelry should be there to enhance what you’ve already brought with you.




JEWELRY:                         Bishop & Medusa 

HAIR:                                    Robert Caputi of Fluid Salon & Spa

MAKEUP:                           Mojgan Asghari of Fluid Salon & Spa

PHOTOGRAPHY:              Matthew Schibler

STYLIST:                            Victoria Franciosa 

POST PHOTOGRAPHY:  Amped Media Studios




V i c t o r i a  F r a n c i o s a


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