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Don’t Forget to RING Me!



Discovering the Muse Within

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“Don’t forget to RING me!” has a whole different meaning to us at Bishop & Medusa.


Ironically, try not to overlook your fingernails when you are executing this frame of mind. Curious?  


Rings come in many styles. From the creative multi set option of covering your fingers with as many rings as fingers, varying at different levels. Some on your knuckles, others at the base of your nail-bed, along with the standard position. We have to admit: this is one of our favorites! It’s like taking a page right out of the book “A knight’s tale of the round table”.


The reality is and we really want to share this secret – you make your own rules. We have selections of multiple ring sets, but we, too, throw a heavy chunky ring in on top of those: when the mood fits us.  


Heavily ringed hands really work when you are wearing an embellished outfit that simply does not need any jewels on fabrics.  


With a vision of, and Homage to Marilyn, we love to place a well selected chunky ring on a black gloved hand. This is what getting ready for a night out feels like. Well, it does, when you are getting ready with the frame of mind “discovering the muse within”


Being The Lady (or lord) of The Ring, is really quite a simple task. Try one of our Crystal Baubles. Clusters of crystals on an oversized bauble, producing instant impact as it sits at the top of any of your fingers. We suggest placing it on your index finger. It becomes a statement. You may even want to pair it and make it a set with the matching ring on the opposite hand.


With every shape and size, we are positive that you will Discover the Muse Within.




JEWELRY:                          Bishop & Medusa 

HAIR:                                  Robert Caputi of Fluid Salon & Spa

MAKEUP:                           Mojgan Asghari of Fluid Salon & Spa

PHOTOGRAPHY:               Matthew Schibler

STYLIST:                            Victoria Franciosa 

POST PHOTOGRAPHY:     Amped Media Studios




V i c t o r i a  F r a n c i o s a


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D E S I G N  &  G R A P H I C S

B R A N D I N G   C O N C E P T S  &  M A R K E T I N G


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