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50 Sparks of Grey — A tempting exploration



Discovering the Muse Within

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Graphic tones of grey, in all levels of the luminary gamut, piercing our vision with glittering shades of grey. Where do we go without entering a taboo, yet widely talked about sensation. Ah, yes, back to the topic at hand: the euphoria of draping our neck, our wrists, our fingers, and of course, we can’t overlook our ear lobes with as many shades of grey that is all the rage. 50 sparks of grey that intensify our immediate atmosphere is not a naughty, but tempting, exploration.


From the runways of Paris, Milan, London, Los Angeles, Shanghai, New York and Toronto, grey is showing with a strong emphasis in every genre of style. With the stage being taken over with this sexy trend, how can we not accessorize in accordance. After all, what is a gorgeous Chanel without a perfect piece of art deliberately placed to accentuate and enhance the passion within?


What would we pair the perfect grey, either contemporary or vintage with? Enhance your inner goddess, with one of our carefully selected signature pieces from Bishop & Medusa.


A deep plunging neckline is perfectly paired with The Hepburn. A backless dress is an alluring fit for The Pendulant with its zipper styled design. Floating from plunging to “deep” plunging, with capabilities of touching the small of your back, leaving only shades of grey luminating on your exposed skin.


Let us not overlook the drop-dead gorgeous cuff (hmm… Mind the pun). With a focus on The Yale or The Gatsby. Seeing a return to bold cuffs, we would suggest getting a pair: one for each wrist. What is more breathtaking than a perfect pair of cuffs on a long fitted grey sleeve?


Having a hard time unwrapping my head from that vision.


All of our pieces are inter-paired for a perfect storyline selection.




JEWELRY:                         Bishop & Medusa 

HAIR:                                  Robert Caputi of Fluid Salon & Spa

MAKEUP:                           Mojgan Asghari of Fluid Salon & Spa

PHOTOGRAPHY:              Matthew Schibler

STYLIST:                           Victoria Franciosa 

POST PHOTOGRAPHY:   Amped Media Studios




V i c t o r i a  F r a n c i o s a


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