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The Evolution of Beauty and Jewelry. Through the eyes of the beholder.




Discovering The Muse Within

Vignette Two of Eight





Is it in the eye of the beholder?

Unresounding, without question, YES!  

For thousands of years, women have been beautifying and calling attention to their favorite body parts. With strings of pearls, opulent diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and every other precious and semi-precious gem. Shaped and molded gold and silver – is the fashion for your body. 

How did this come to be?


Once upon a time, individual worth was measured in possessions: gold, silver and gems were paramount and at the forefront of that measurement. During the Medieval times, homes were fashioned with these possessions, such as gold chalices and silver candelabras. Even wealthy knights embellished their silver swords with rubies and emeralds.

Just imagine those who were lucky enough to have it, were bathed and showered within it. Women were bestowed with these as the ultimate appreciation from their honorable gentlemen. And the gentleman would compare their lady’s beauty to that of the piece of jewelry they were gifting.  Kings and queens wore them wrapped around their head: almost in a floating fashion to show their regality. And they had them sewn into their clothes. It is no easy task to show your exquisite worth, but through a sparkle here, and a sparkle there, the universe stands still for a moment to admire and to focus on the illustrious beauty they could only wish to behold. 

Today we still lavish ourselves with jewels, but we certainly don’t wear our worth on our necks. We wear our style and embellish our beauty — pulling the beholders eye to our neck with a well-selected earring.




JEWELRY:                         Bishop & Medusa 

HAIR:                                 Robert Caputi of Fluid Salon & Spa

MAKEUP:                          Mojgan Asghari of Fluid Salon & Spa

PHOTOGRAPHY:              Matthew Schibler

STYLIST:                            Victoria Franciosa 

POST PHOTOGRAPHY:   Amped Media Studios




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