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The American Election Process




Does anyone have any doubts that we are not electing people who represent us – still the largest faction of the electorate?


The white middle classes still are the backbone of our civilization despite continual criticism; they are in favor of fairness to the rest.


Currently Congress is paralyzed by controversy over to whom to give what ­­– not what to do for the country as a whole. In fact “as a whole” is no longer the prevailing guideline.


Is there any doubt that most of our elected representatives do not represent us? They represent business, labor and various racial and financial minorities (and themselves)


When this situation is serious enough it calls for change – which may be now!


How can we increase the responsiveness of our Federal elected officials to our desires?

We will need to have either continual polls on issues or local representatives.


To have local representation would result in several hundred thousand representatives, not a practical solution. But today we can take polls electronically and quickly find out what the public wants. Each elected representative could be required to take a poll before each vote on a new law. The Congressmen can research the issues and recommend to their constituents how he would like to vote.


What do you think???


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