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My Golfer’s Lunch For Two

Through The Eyes Of Jo Lee




Hello dear friends:


How many times have you been aroused to the passion of life on the green? The imagery of a still crisp morning, the dew snuggling against each glistening blade of grass as the sun steadily climbs into the azure skies, the air, the game, the camaraderie and ‘you’ exclaiming, “Life is a wondrous gift.” What other occasion would entice you to rise with the crack of dawn and greet the day with the songs of birds? Now it is time to gather your clubs and set out to once again attempt to perfect that magical swing for a hole in one. And when the morning has come to an end – whatever you do – don’t second-guess ‘what should have happened’ to that elusive ball as it flew with a mind of its own, landing in a lavender patch, for you to fret over.


Rather, do come with me and reenact those shots. If only, if only…


Through the montage of my life, I continue this spring with my “Golfer’s Lunch For Two”. You have to admit, it’s quite splendid – and one I’ve replicated many times over.    


Bob Hope once said that he was on the road so much that his wife, Dolores, had the towels in their bath marked “Hers” and “Welcome Traveler”. When the grand master of the topical wisecrack and universally loved veteran of countless films, radio programs, TV shows, and personal appearances was not delighting audiences with his songs, patter, and eccentric dancing, he was probably playing golf.


Here on the terrace that overlooks the private fairway to one of Palm Springs’ most favorite courses, we take time off for lunch after a morning’s sport.


The subtitle of my luncheon scene is most definitely “Valleys Not Streams”, and how it turns out is anyone’s guess until the end of the last course.


Remember to create an atmosphere that captures and titillates all senses – like the art of painting. It’s the love, the passion, the creativity that motivates the artist to serve a masterpiece that will be a compliment to herself/himself as well as to the guests. Take the beauty of those around your table and see it reflected in the shimmering crystal and exotic bouquets. For it’s these moments that serve as vignettes on a cloudy day or when we search for a memorable dream when friends are not able to be near during a special time or place.


And so – from my Italian table to yours, Saluti e buon appetito. You too, can capture this, in your very own inimitable way.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever:” John Keats




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