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And That’s PIZZAZZ




Nature At Its Best.


Nature is a phenomenal teacher. From-Oscar worthy stories to fairy tales, the research and pleasure found in nature is beyond vast. A psychiatrist may write a prescription for a “feel good” pill, while a walk in the forest might have the same results as said pill. As adults, although we don’t dance or laugh nearly enough, “the child within” delights in a world of mystery and make-believe found just outside of the front door.


“Let go of all of your thoughts and just breathe.” REALLY!??!!? Although I try to be still in every class, my yoga teacher has no idea about the daily three-ring circus that is nearly having a boxing match inside of my mind. I think about my kids: “Go back to my breathing.” I plan dinner parties: “Go back to my breathing.” I talk myself into a dress I don’t need: “Go back to my breathing.” A quiet mind ­­ not even in my sleep!


For 55 minutes one morning last week in class, only one story twirled through my brain. Swaying just outside the yoga studio window, my “mind movie” had two regal, impressive, ginormous palm trees as stars. During class, while trying to be still in “mountain pose”, I began dreaming up an Oscar-worthy fairy tale. Clearly, there was an alpha palm tree basking in the sun and shadowing the slightly shorter palm. At first, the power play annoyed me until I let go as I progressed into “tree pose”. Losing my “quiet mind” concentration and balance, I began to wonder, “These two trees have hung in there, growing and frawn-flexing for a zillion years they’re good”. As we moved into “downward dog”, my noisy mind continued making make-believe, “It just doesn’t seem fair that the skyscraper sized palm gets all that sunshine and warmth while the runt is left out in the cold”.


My “once upon a time there were two palm trees” story was getting ready for its “happily ever after ending”. The class was winding down, we were resting in “corpse pose” and the sun was shining on my face. My not so quiet mind began to think, “Maybe Mr. Big has always been protecting the little guy. Maybe too much sun is too much. Maybe after all these years these two palms are an example of nature at it’s best. Maybe I will finish this story. Maybe I just did!” Now that’s Pizzazz!




3 Responses to “WEALTH – AND THAT’S PIZZAZZ – Nature At Its Best”

  1. tom merle | 03.01.15 at 1:24 PM said…

    You haven’t lost your touch, Kathleen. Indeed your insights get richer and therefore you and we readers get wealthier.

    Keep on truckin’

    Monsieur Merle

  2. Tomharpole | 03.01.15 at 12:43 PM said…

    Good lesson….Fun, modern day presentation!!!…Like it!

  3. Anna Griffith | 03.01.15 at 11:16 AM said…

    I thoroughly enjoyed it! Loved the ‘walk in the forest’ vs prescribed Rx to feel good…how true, how true! And the taller palm tree protecting the little guy…precious. I agree – it is not easy to let go of all thoughts. The mind has its own agenda at all times it seems, surrendering only to sleep and even then, going off in different tangents often completely weird.