As we venture out into our world, travel can consist of a day visit to the closest towns or a journey that will place our feet clear on the other side of the world. It is all about discovery and about everywhere we walk. So, COME – EXPLORE WITH ME.



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For anyone who has ever been fascinated with geography, the long, impossibly thin line of Chile has always produced a tiny moment of astonishment. Chile stretches over 4,300 km {2,700 mi} along the southwestern coast of South America, a distance roughly the same as that from San Francisco to New York, or Edinburgh to Baghdad. At the same time, its width never exceeds 240 km {150 mi}, making the country more than eighteen times longer than its widest point.






Chile’s remarkable slenderness is caused by the Andes, a mountain range that is still rising and contains more than 50 active volcanic peaks. The western border is the Pacific Ocean. All along its length, Chile is marked by a narrow depression between the mountains and the sea. To the north, the land rises and becomes more arid, until it reaches the Atacama Desert, one of the most inhospitable regions on earth.  To the south, the opposite transformation takes place; the land falls away, and the region between mountains and ocean becomes a baffling archipelagic maze that terminates in Chilean Patagonia. Chile’s southern extremity is marked by Cape Horn, a treacherous headland surrounded by almost continuously storm-tossed seas and passable only through the foggy stillness of the Strait of Magellan.


Santiago is where our journey began. We visited the museums, monuments, horse racetrack and all of the architectural sights the city offers.


The Bellavista neighborhood is home to many restaurants and cafés. For stunning views of the city, head to the top of Cerro San Cristòbal, accessible by bus, funicular, or by a vigorous hike. Also in the Bellavista area is La Chascona, the house designed by Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo Neruda.


Viña Del Mar, Chile’s most luxurious resort town, attracts visitors from all over the world. Some come for Viña Del Mar’s tropical ambiance, its grand avenues lined with palms and banana trees, soft stretches of white sand beach and its sybaritic plenitude of gourmet restaurants. While Viña’s celebrity has brought it any number of sleek, modern buildings, the character of the town is set by its many charming colonial houses. The most romantic way to tour Viña Del Mar is via Victoria, the region’s traditional horse-drawn carriage.

With the grandness of the most beautiful scenery, magnificent cities and wonderful memories, this completed our 23-day adventure.



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