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And That’s PIZZAZZ




Willie Nelson never told her, he just thought, “You were always on my mind girl, you were always on my mind”. Every time I’d hear him cowboy croon those words, the hair would stand straight up on my back. That annoying line had me saying to myself, “Tell her dammit, please just tell her!”


Years ago, Willie’s words changed my life. I stopped holding onto all kinds of positive vibes inside. I stopped letting feelings fly through my mind unnoticed. Instead, I started giving them away. Today, it’s natural and normal to give away at least five compliments each day. They aren’t secrets. They deserve to be expressed. Nowadays, if I see it or think it or feel it, I share it.


Yesterday I nearly sang out to a sweet unassuming young girl, “WOW, that skirt looks fantastic on you!” She thanked me galore as she nearly pranced down the street. Without giving a compliment much thought, it’s so easy to be creative yet honest with positive words towards another person. Expressing compliments towards strangers and friends is right up there with a star on my collar back in the golden rule school days. I’m not actually giving away five compliments a day; I am mirroring the person. People are like magnets, drawing compliments out of me. I love it! It’s fun, it’s easy, it’s human. Eyes light up; people are all smiles, and the best part? ‘Tis I who gets the gift. I have no rules, timing or parameters when it comes to a bit of angel dust-like flattery sprinkled here and there.


Today, with all of these time saving devices – no one has time for a simple “tip of the hat” or a kind “hello”. While nature and beauty are passing us by, our heads are down and our eyes are on our smart (what?) phones. The written word is all well and good. I am writing words right now. That said, the spoken word – without corrections or additions – is so-o-o delicious. Truth be known, when I see someone who just looks tired or unhappy, like ice cream melting in the sun, a compliment flows his or her way. More often than not, a personality paradigm shift occurs. You may choose to give my “five compliments a day” a trial run. For starters, just look in the mirror and give it a try.


Now that’s Pizzazz!



2 Responses to “AND THAT’S PIZZAZZ – Compliments – Luxury Issue 2015”

  1. Peggy Huntington | 06.28.15 at 4:29 AM said…

    1]Welcome baaack, Pizzaz Princess!!
    2]I love your reminders — all the uppers
    3]But I also love your honesty about important things to a friend that the friend is not aware of which affects your friend’s quality of life.
    4]Being a special friend with the courage to speak up to another friend, which the friend appreciates knowing, when no one else had spoken up, is also your gift.
    5]You are the gift, and, as you say, give it away when you remind, and teach [without a preach]. Love you …

  2. Laurie elliott | 06.28.15 at 12:19 AM said…

    I love your thoughts it is so like you and I think you are terrific!