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By Victoria Franciosa



Somewhere out there, in that vast unknown, the abyss of our delights lays the insurmountable reality that quite anything is achievable. Not only is anything achievable, everything is available when the muse dances in the city street.




Bishop & Medusa – Inspire the Muse Within

Autumn In The City

Vignette 10 Of 16




… Men and woman mingling, lovers strolling arm-in-arm and girls’ night out in full tilt… Laughter echo’s and whispers throughout the downtown core.


Tonight, it will be you joining the busy landscape of a buzzing metropolis. You can’t jump into the concrete jungle without coming prepared for the safari of “Girl Meets World”. Or better yet, “Girl Takes World”. A little creativity for the un-norm will deliver you a winning combination regardless of the season, but what better way than the flexibility that the Autumn gives you? A Bishop & Medusa necklace dangling down the center of your bare back is likely to stop the entire city in the wake of your step.


When striving for that vision, know that Bishop & Medusa is a window to the world that you desire. Exploration of your dreams and “Inspiring the muse” is a certainty. And through any doorway that carries our line, there is a wonderland of possibilities with the tools to make your vision come to life.


At Bishop & Medusa we encourage you to Inspire The Muse Within & what better stage than Toronto in the Autumn?



Jewelry: Bishop & Medusa

Hair: Robert Caputi of Fluid Salon & Spa

Makeup: Fluid Salon & Spa

Photography: Nick Sibilia

Post Photography: Amped Media Studios





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