By Victoria Franciosa



Pronounced white flowing sails rippling in the winds, while delicate scarves are wrapped around your torso as you lavish in a wonderland of flare and delight… Magical illusions inspire your Muse within.




Bishop & Medusa – Inspire the Muse Within

Ships Set Sail

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Visions of a sleek yacht floating over sky blue water with fog vaporizing the air… You are regal in your stance as you cast your gaze over the horizon.


A cascading nautical scarf lavishly wrapped around your shoulders as it drapes over your torso and legs, clipped together with a belt of glittering crystals upon finely meshed silver.


Your back exposed with a sun-kissed arm finely caressed by a single bracelet of opulent marquee cut crystals, feeling the weight shift from your wrist to your forearm, you smile as you remember how the muse won you over while getting dressed for this moment.


Complementing your femininity is a single ring on your index finger… From the glare of the sun, the crystals dance on their fiery globe. And around your neck you are wearing the signature Hepburn.


At Bishop & Medusa, we encourage you to play with the muse within. Always waiting to tell you stories, take you places, and show you your own personal wonderland… The compelling power she welds within your imagination… The world you create through her playful nature!


Where does your imagination take you when the muse shows up? With Bishop & Medusa, Inspiration is everywhere!



Jewelry: Bishop & Medusa

Hair: Robert Caputi of Fluid Salon & Spa

Makeup: Fluid Salon & Spa

Photography: Nick Sibilia

Post Photography: Amped Media Studios





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