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By Victoria Franciosa



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall… How do I fare when the Muse doeth call? Be it elegant, bold with grace, the world will see the reflection on thy face.




Bishop & Medusa – Inspire the Muse Within

Mirror Mirror

Vignette 15 OF 16




We get dressed for many reasons… Women think you do it for men. Men think you do it for other women.


The truth is most of us are dressing for ourselves… the reflection in the mirror. For our self-image, our personal refinement, goddess, or whichever muse is at play in our moment of inspiration.


Fashion and inspiration are always at the forefront of a Bishop & Medusa girl, and you are no exception.


With our bold pieces; layering options of scarves under bold belts, enviable purses and Diva-inspired rings, dressing has never been so much fun.


And yet, sometimes going for elegance is not as easy as it looks, but with Bishop & Medusa, it is a guarantee.


With all pieces in our selections working together, they are always a natural fit.


You know what else is guaranteed? Compliments and approving glances when you are wearing our pieces. Naturally everyone will want to know where they are from and you can tell them that they are from the Muse Within!




Jewelry: Bishop & Medusa

Hair: Robert Caputi of Fluid Salon & Spa

Makeup: Fluid Salon & Spa

Photography: Nick Sibilia

Post Photography: Amped Media Studios




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