## 2015 W LUX  4A. INDULGENCES In Memoriam - Claude I. Taylor, OC. WORLD LUXURY Issue 2015


In Memoriam Claude I. Taylor, OC, LL.D., F.C.M.A.

Chairman Emeritus, Air Canada





JO LEE Magazine

The ADESTE Academy

The Claude I. Taylor Archival Library

The Thomas D. Smyth Campus At Yes



The Airline Industry and the Country Have Lost a Giant.


“As the wind wants to make everything dance,

May the music of laughter break through your soul.


As silence smiles on the other side of what’s said,

May a sense of irony give you perspective.”


                                                                                                    John O’Donohue



Claude Taylor had mastered the art of the rare ability to implement his seemingly insurmountable vision. Unstoppable in his quest to fulfill what he set out to achieve, he was an inspiration to the thousands of lives he touched. To many, Claude Taylor “was” Air Canada, coined by his worldwide employees as “The White Knight”.


“If it is possible consider it done, if it is impossible, it shall be done.”


                                                         The French statesman, Comte de Mirabeau (1749-1791)



One of Claude’s greatest legacies – was his belief in the young!


In his own words:


“I want to tell you a story.

As you know, young people, whether at a corporation, the Boy Scouts, a university, or within the amalgamation of our community, have been an on-going concern of mine, particularly in these times of unrest.

Their goals, their dreams are far greater than what we could have ever begun to comprehend in our day! For this reason – we all must help.

Lest we forget,

it’s all about destiny, legacy believing in our philosophy

as we grow and bridge the growth until we touch the stars.” 




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