2015 W LUX  4A. INDULGENCES THE POET'S CORNER WORLD LUXURY Issue Credit Alan Briskin NEW JPGPhotography By Alan Briskin, San Francisco – California




Our 45th Wedding Anniversary ~ 101




Our unique marker in time,

Bright red, rising triumphantly

Out of the deep folds of the earth’s memories.

Revealing frame by frame, in vivid living color,

On the big screen in the sky

Our sacred moment in time: October 25, 1969 @ 1:00 p.m.

Holy Cross Armenian Catholic Church,

Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA.

When we, two sweet and innocent kids,

Hands intertwined, hearts beating as one,

Stepped into the unknown and promised before God

To love and cherish each other for all time.

And so the mystery, our mystery moves forward

One breath at a time.






Mourning Doves Taking Flight ~ 103




She gazes at tiny diamonds in the sunlit grass;

at geometric shapes spun by summer spiders

between porch rails.


Bees and hummingbirds flit from ballerina

to ballerina, a cozy whir in the air amongst

her hanging fuchsias.


Turtleheads are finally showing their color,

a bright pink, ready for kitchen bouquets.


She waits patiently for the gladiolas,

planted just a year ago to herald

the remembrance of her lost love.


A chickadee sits in the dwarf crab apple tree,

honoring his memory.


She sits in her faded wicker chair content,

at peace with her world:

her garden in the woods.







You Look Good ~ 132




Doctor says, “You look well.  You look really good”. 

One-hour examination follows. Doctor confirms

first impression and he is wearing vision enhancing magnifiers.


But doctor, my eyebrows are turning white, my temples too.

My waist clings to my toes, hampering speed walking.

My ears – well, only one can’t hear.

My eyes can’t distinguish a p from g, o from c, nor t from f.


Memory excellent:  I found my car keys in the refrigerator. 

Who placed them there?


Cholesterol too high, no more dairy.

Blood pressure reaching Venus.

Hives for seven months – vitamin D deficiency: eat more dairy.


Can’t lose weight, eat more fat.

Too much salt, not enough salt.

Depart doctor’s office. Go home. Take glasses off.


Look in mirror.  Yes, I do look good.





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