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We Live In A New Town



We Live In A “New Town”




The Woodlands, north of Houston by the Bush International Airport, was designed as a “New Town” by the Federal Government and developed by a Texas oil man starting in 1970.



We Live In A New Town - Relation To HoustonStanley J Dorst | Jo Lee Magazine

We Live In A New Town – Relation To Houston


With homes and businesses buried in the woods it was hoped it would grow to a population of 150,000. Office buildings are set back from the street behind rows of trees. The streetscape is truly unique and pleasant. Visualize driving along the street looking for your bank and only seeing a sign for the entry in the trees. With added waterways, parks and golf courses it is thriving as a uniquely pleasant environment for working and living. 


Residential streetStanley J Dorst | Jo Lee Magazine

Residential street


This is still the public plan, as it approaches completion.


Hi-Rise BeautiesStanley J Dorst | Jo Lee Magazine

Hi-Rise Beauties


It should be no surprise that the 150,000 limit is about to be smashed by businesses and people who have discovered what promises to be the most spectacularly pleasant “large city” in America.


Dozens of new buildings are under construction, varying from 4 to 25 stories in height and including international headquarters for many businesses. While only 150,000 people may live here, clearly more than that will find this as their city center.


Of course this frenzied activity in 2015 may not continue without a dip as a result of the reduced earnings of the oil companies; and the road system may prove to have difficulty serving the future population.


How would you like a home in the woods a few blocks from your work, a City Center with all of your favorite stores, a giant performing arts pavilion in the Park and 1690 acres of exquisite golf courses. 


My money is on The Woodlands becoming the most desirable city serving over 1 million in this country. 


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