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By Victoria Franciosa



There is a certain epitome that follows every woman… In her wake, it is an echo of her existence.




Bishop & Medusa – Inspire the Muse Within

The Epitome of a Woman

Vignette 16 OF 16



Every woman who walks this earth has it and it is undeniable… A fierce desire, a quiet resonance, a woman of distinction. Whomever she radiates and what she brings out in you… Only she and you will ever know.


A quiet survivor, a thunderous lioness with the wake of a thousand soldiers. She may carry a bouquet of white roses or a shield and sword in a defiant stance.


And oh yes, the one who carries her bouquet of roses “with” the defiant stance!


We are women of all natures, of all heights and sizes, colors and creeds… We stand united through the blazing fields of sun, and of fire! Our passions on our sleeves, through the expressions on our faces, or hidden safely away to embrace in our quiet hours.


But make no mistake about it. Each one of us, from the time the stars lined up to imbuing our passions into our newly birthed existence, through the years of wonderment and excite… Right into our maturity of knowing, and the golden days that may compel us to enjoy our thrones of these passions.


Each one of us has a muse that dances around or will lordess her high temple within… THAT! That is what we are searching for, delivering back to you, when we, at Bishop & Medusa say, “Inspire the Muse Within!”


Each new day is an opportunity to celebrate that, which is in each of you, through the presence you offer the world. As you stand in your dressing rooms, with the mirror looking back at you, you determine which muse is a play… Your muse is radiated trough glittering necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, belts, purses & scarves.


Bishop & Medusa carries Nickle Free pieces, with no irritation to the skin… a winning combination, every time! Make today the day you Inspire your muse within!



Jewelry: Bishop & Medusa

Hair: Robert Caputi of Fluid Salon & Spa

Makeup: Fluid Salon & Spa

Photography: Nick Sibilia

Post Photography: Amped Media Studios




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