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Secrets To Wedded Bliss




“No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together.” Author unknown.


My husband and I celebrated 21 years of marriage this past July! Does that make me an expert on marriage? I personally don’t think it does. However, we have been blessed with great role models on the marital front (my in-laws, married 55 years, my parents, married for 49, a few dear friends, married 25 plus years) and I find it exciting to share with you some of our combined learning about what we think makes a marriage stronger.


  1. Always respect each other.

Even when you don’t agree ­– and believe me there will be times when you don’t; learn to accept each other’s differences. Always treat your spouse as you want to be treated.


  1. Embrace the downs.

That sounds negative but it isn’t. Although there will be plenty of ups there will be plenty of downs. Hold hands and be determined to walk through them together, never losing sight that you are each other’s rock. It’s easier to stand the buffeting winds together.


  1. Assist each other in being the best you can be.

A strong marriage is one in which both people understand that their spouse needs to have outside interests and activities which help them to feel happy and fulfilled. It is more important to be happy than it is to be right.


  1. Don’t give up when you hit a bump.

Work it through.  Too many people throw away perfectly good relationships because, in a moment of anger or even boredom, they think they don’t love each other anymore. It’s seldom that bad! Forgive and forget! Keep going!


  1. Keep working on your relationship and do not take it for granted.

Create regular opportunities for fun, laughter, and positive experiences. Figure out what communicates love to each other and do that. Be observant and thoughtful with little things and even do chores that the other dislikes.


Consciously doing what opens and softens your spouse’s heart will benefit you both in the long run and keep your marriage happier.

Marriage is a commitment to a person who will be the witness of your life!  Cherish it because you never know how long you’ll have each other!



 2015 ANNIV 14A. Next To Ad EDITOR AT LARGE WORLD LUXURY Issue 2015 - Secrets To Wedded Bliss JPG



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