You Need To Do More




Is there anyone who does not want to help the less fortunate?


What do you think? I don’t think so.


The lobbying groups marching for the poor, marching for minorities and marching for better living conditions in America and abroad are not saying, “We will do more to help”. They are saying, “YOU need to do more”.


That’s it!


Their hearts are bleeding for the poor and they are mad at a society that allows some people to be poor. But are they volunteering to do more for them? NO! Are their signs proclaiming, “Join us in doubling help for the poor”? Nowhere to be seen!


The citizens who either chose to live a life free of responsibilities or are unable to make a significant contribution to society are nevertheless quick to judge the rest of us. The rest of us are doing more – we are investing the capital required to create new jobs – it takes billions of dollars every month to create the new jobs. Is it better to give extra money to the less fortunate or to create new jobs?


It seems to me there are many places in the world where people have more equal incomes, mostly poor countries. Why change many systems that work so well?   Some African countries and Russia should be satisfying in this respect. In Russia, I met a medical doctor who had the same salary as his son in college on a state grant.


Historically we have gradually improved the quality of our lives, until today when our standard of living is comfortable. For instance, there were the times when Genghis Khan swept across Asia killing all indigenous people. And then later when Hitler killed millions.


Until the nature of man changes, greed will provide the energy to create prosperity and it will result in unequal benefits.


It is this or very little for all.








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