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What Is The Source Of Conflict In Our World?  


My title sounds like an unanswerable question; yet I contend that there is a very simple answer. The simple cure for scurvy, citrus fruit, was discovered relatively recently after thousands of years of suffering. Determining the root cause of the last one hundred years of bloody conflict is as simple as eating a lemon to prevent scurvy.


Over the last 100 years nearly all conflicts, both military and cultural, have been roughly between the revolutionary left and those who resist the revolutionary left. Is that an answer that rings as clearly as the citrus cure for scurvy? No!


The best way to clarify this issue is to ask the question: who is it that the left hate the most? You might say, “That’s easy, Adolf Hitler”. I argue no. The man the left hates above all is a Soviet scientist by the name of Lev Gumilev.


Born in 1912, he was a Soviet historian, anthropologist and, most famously, an ethnologist before he died in 1992. The left hated him for his theories of ethnogenesis. His parents were prominent poets, Nikolay Gumilev and the famous Anna Akhmatova. When Lev was nine, Liberals executed his father for writing poetry; as a result, Lev spent most of his childhood and youth in Soviet labor camps. I believe that it was in those camps with other political prisoners that his ideas were formed.


When the left has an enemy it cannot crush and use, it attempts to push that person down the memory hole. This tactic is complex in the case of Dr. Gumilev.


Dr. Lev Gumilev was a household name throughout the former Soviet Union, yet he is unknown in the West.   I believe his book, “Ethnogenesis and the Biosphere”, is a coded message containing the answer to our quest for the source of conflict in the world.


In this book, Dr. Gumilev explains the beautiful concept that all humans are not merely social constructs but are actual organic entities that are a part of the living biosphere. They are born, peak and die like all other organic organisms. All human energy and dynamism comes from the energy within these people. In other words, humanity is not a mass of individuals but a collection of ever changing dynamic ethnic groups.


The greatest secret of the revolutionary left is that nearly all conflict in the world results from the left’s global mission to dissolve all ethnic groups other than its own. The left is in conflict with anybody or group that resists destruction. Since no one or group wants to be dissolved, each one must be dissolved by force.


Thus, our world of endless conflict!










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