As we venture out into our world, travel can consist of a day visit to the closest towns or a journey that will place our feet clear on the other side of the world. It is all about discovery and about everywhere we walk. So, COME – EXPLORE WITH ME.



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My Addiction To Sicily – Castellammare del Golfo

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Entirely enclosed by surrounding hills, quaint Castellammare del Golfo nestles around its castle and tiny port, and it is the charming port below the castle where people come to meet. This gorgeous area is filled with wooden boats parked in among the cars and drying nets. There are also a number of places to eat and sleep in this area.


The major attraction is the 17th century Aragonese castle on the rocky walls above the harbour. Inside are some museums and the tourist office. The Museo Etno-Antropoligico Annalisa Buccellato was established by the parents of this little girl when, at an early age, she passed away. It exhibits old typewriters, farming utensils, water wheels, books and newspapers. The Museo dell’Acqua is the other museum here with more fascinating exhibits. From the tourist office you can head up the spectacular staircase to the roof where there are spectacular views. The other place worth wandering to is the 18th century Mother Church with its distinct yellow facade.

Directly in the port region, is where we find the best dining and accommodation. Seafood is the specialty here and you can rest assured you’ll love its delicacy each day you are here.

Accommodation options aren’t too plentiful in Castellammare del Golfo but they do cater to a range of budgets. You find a few lovely B&Bs and hotels and a campground about two kilometers from the train station (500 meters from town).


There’s no need for any transport in town as all the main sights lie in and around the port.

You can rent boats to explore on your own or go out on various excursions to places like San Vito Lo Capo with its Caribbean-like beach, picturesque Scopello, a fishermen’s village where parts of the film “Ocean’s Eleven” were shot, and to the nature reserve Parco dello Zingaro where you can botanize, do some bird watching, go for easy walks and swim or snorkel in the clear waters. Then, you can see the village with the highest density of modern art in Italy, Gibellina Nuova, a 30-minute drive by car.

So yes, come – explore with me. Castellammare del Golfo is all about discovery and we walk everywhere.








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