AND THAT’S PIZZAZZ – Power Edition 2016

By Kathleen Mailliard Solmssen




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And That’s PIZZAZZ




Could it be possible that our personalities, our inner cores have been shaped, in part, by the games we played as children?  From cheating to winning, from high scores to losing, being popular depended a lot on how we played and stayed in the game.


Remember “Pick Up Sticks”?  When it was a friend’s turn, you’d keep a sharp eye out to see if a stick moved.  “It moved,” someone would shout!  Whereas, while lining up for “Pin The Tail On The Donkey,” we’d all be supporting our blindfolded pal by whispering, “warmer, warmer” or “colder, colder,” depending on how close or further away the thumb-nailed-tail was heading towards the “ass’s ass”.


At an early age, competition was not for sissies.  It could move from fun to ugly in one game.  Today they call it bullying.  Today bullies are ousted and punished.  Today, in the business and social world, climbing your way to the top can be infused with bullying and no one is going to reprimand you and say, “OK go and stand in the corner for five minutes.”


But, back to childhood:  I loved playing marbles.  Drawing a circle in the sand and shooting friends’ marbles “out of the park” became one of my favorite recess sports.  Then there was the after school “trading marbles” dealing.  It was nearly biblical, the way we’d sit in the shade and work out our exchanges.  Five of my colorful spheres were not ever up for grabs: a “clearie” with a chartreuse ribbon twisting through it, a white porcelain antique Chinese marble, a silver heavy ball from my grandfather’s mine in Montana, a jaw breaker-sized sapphire blue glass marble and a multi-colored vintage treasure.  When it came to making a deal, these five beauties never left my tattered suede marble bag.


Today, when I have an “if only” moment: “If only I could sing I could…”; “if only I was an extravert I could…”; “if only I could complete a crossword puzzle I could…”, without hesitation, I take these five marbles out of the bag and drop them into the palm of my hand.  My five marbles symbolize the five parts of me that make me who I am today. They are the facets of the complete me.  I say to myself: “OK, what personality trait, what gift, what talent would you trade to sing, to dance or to make big bucks?”  Every time, the marbles slide back into the pouch… I give myself a blessed karmic kick, smile and continue down the road.  


Years ago, who would have thought how much we learned on the playground would impact and define us today?


And that’s Pizzazz.



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