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In Moments That Are As Special As This…  You Want Everything Perfect. 




Bishop & Medusa – Inspire the Muse Within

Vignette One of Eight: Here Comes The Bride




Close your eyes: Envision your wedding…  Are you gallantly standing at the top of a grand escalade?  Decked out to the nines?  Or are you delicately walking upon a grassy mountain with your understated silk slip-dress wrapping around your ankles as you take each step?  One thing we know for sure, if you dress in Bishop & Medusa Wedding Couture Jewelry, you will be the vision you have wanted to achieve.  


1A. BRIDE - A Day As Special As This


1Aa. BRIDE - A Day As Special As This


At Bishop & Medusa, we are very proud of this new line.  It is elegant, timeless and versatile.  Clasps that create adjustable lengths; allowing you to double up the strands.  This hand strung, 4 tier, olive pearl and crystal necklace with an adjustable length clasp, compliments the olive iridescent sequence of the gowns bodice.  


1Aaa. BRIDE - A Day As Special As This


The Bishop & Medusa girl is finding her own path, dressed in her own cloak of confidence, along with a unique piece from our Wedding Couture Jewelry Line.  This line is for every bride…  Every mother of the bride, and every mother of the groom.


Elegance and quality driven; we have tapped into the essence of a quality piece… on every design.  Just as we truly believe that every woman has a muse that dances within, we believe that every bride wants a piece of jewelry that is as unforgettable as her special day.



Jewelry: Bishop & Medusa

Wedding Dress: JeVis Bridal

Hair: Robert Caputi of STI-LEA Salon & Day Spa

Makeup: Maria Valerio of Makeup by Maria

Photography: Matteo D’Agostino

Model: Alessandra Moscardelli

Styled By: Amped Media Studios


Bishop & Medusa

Inspire the Muse Within


Amped Media Studios

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