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Amy’s Story

Team Shan…reaching one young woman at a time!



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Cancer is the leading cause of premature death for young women in Canada and breast cancer is the most common.  In order to self-detect their breast cancer, young women need to know their risk, know their bodies, know their breasts and…


 Check ‘Em Often 


Team Shan Breast Cancer Awareness for Young Women (Team Shan) has been reaching young women with their breast cancer risk and self-care messaging in Canada since 2007.  

Knowledge Is Power 


and understanding their risk can help empower young women to take action and seek appropriate medical attention for any breast cancer symptom or changes in their breasts.


Shan’s Story, used in Team Shan breast cancer awareness activities, shares the breast cancer risk for young women and the tragic result of medical misdiagnosis of symptoms.  Shan’s Story has been instrumental in sharing the Team Shan breast cancer awareness and education messages.  Young women diagnosed with breast cancer, their parents, friends and nurses have thanked Team Shan for our efforts and more positive outcomes from their journeys.  


Amy’s Story, has been used to share the impact of increased awareness, self-care and early diagnosis.  Amy’s Story is one of hope. 


“In Shan’s memory, I would perform self-exams on a fairly regular basis.  The only reason I did these exams was because I would remember Shan, and the billboards and your messages on FB from the group.  The happy news is, because I did regular exams, I found it very early.  I caught my cancer early and was given the gift to carry on with my life.  My early detection was due to Team Shan.  Thank you for running programs in Shan’s memory.  Thank you for reminding me that it is not just a disease of older women.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!”


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