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Check Yourself

Team Shan…reaching one young woman at a time!




Reaching young adults with their cancer risk and self-care messaging requires health promotion strategies that are both engaging and entertaining. A comprehensive approach, using multi-faceted awareness activities, has been successful in reaching this population at risk, but ongoing technical advances require innovative approaches to share self-care information.


In Canada, Team Shan Breast Cancer Awareness for Young Women (Team Shan) has developed an effective social marketing strategy to reach young women with their breast cancer risk and breast health information. Team Shan media and marketing campaigns on college and university campuses across the country have successfully targeted young women since 2007. Social media has provided the opportunity to both engage and entertain the audience.


Success of a recent Team Shan social media strategy was demonstrated in the use of Facebook and the release of the Check Yourself Canada video in October 2015. The inspiration came from Heather, a young woman in England who was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a vision to make a difference for young women and young men. The goal of the video message was to increase early detection of breast and testicular cancer in young adults and help improve outcomes for those diagnosed.


Through a partnership with the SAIT Polytechnic Athletics and Recreation Department staff and student support in Calgary, the Team Shan Taylor Swift parody was created. Through lip syncing, lip dubbing and flash mob style dancing the video has received over 61,000 social media views across Canada and beyond.


The Check Yourself video has set the stage for personal self-care and encourages young women and young men to incorporate breast and testicular self-checks into their daily lives. So…

Get Your Hands On To Them…

Check Yourself

Check Yourself

Check Yourself!



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