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Team Shan Breast Cancer Awareness for Young Women (Team Shan) has been making a difference for young women in Canada since the fall of 2007.  Through an innovative social marketing strategy, the Team Shan breast cancer awareness campaigns have reached thousands of young women annually with their breast cancer risk, breast cancer facts, symptoms and self-care information.  The campaign theme is..


 Breast Cancer…Not Just A Disease Of Older Women.


Together with campus partners, Team Shan campaigns are facilitated on and around college and university campuses across the country.  Campaign activities include public transit marketing advertisements; campus print media, radio and closed circuit television spots; print resource distribution; campus displays, presentations and athletic events; website and social media posts.


Young women have responded positively to the campaigns, understood their breast cancer risk, increased their breast health knowledge, taken action and shared the information learned.  They have thanked Team Shan for being on campus and not forgetting them in breast cancer messaging.  Our campaigns have been successful in reaching young women with their breast cancer risk and self-care strategies.  Knowledge gained as a young woman will last their lifetime and one out of nine women in Canada will face breast cancer in her lifetime.


The use of Shanna and her breast cancer story continues to positively impact young women and increase their breast cancer awareness.  Knowledge of breast cancer symptoms and self-care strategies provide young women with the opportunity for self-detection and earlier medical diagnosis.  It is hoped that the success of the campaigns will continue to grow and expand.


Team Shan is proud to be realizing our goals for earlier detection and improved outcomes for young women diagnosed with breast cancer.  Team Shan has made a difference in communicating vital breast health information to this population at risk.



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