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Thoughts On Equal Opportunity




We believe in equal opportunity and we demand equal results.


This is so ridiculous you would not think that the idea could survive.


No question that blacks and whites and women and men are equal in many ways, but are they the same in all ways?  Should they, therefore be represented equally in all positions of leadership?


We tried quotas in sports and quickly realized that was foolish.  Blacks are, percentage wise, superior.  Do we admit we see it in sports?  How about music or art?  How about puzzles?


Is it not true in other ways besides sports with relation to race and sex?


A recent poll by McKinsey & Co, written up in “The Wall Street Journal”, found that a majority of women would rather not grab the brass ring.  And thus a majority of women end up in staff VP jobs.  More than men, women prefer less stress and pressure and more time to devote to their families.


On the other hand, men thrive on opportunity to solve difficult problems or engage in competition.  I would contemplate in my off work time how to obtain a business objective or how to outmaneuver others in the market place every waking moment.


Equal opportunity should not mean equal responsibility and pay.  That should be based upon performance ­– for example, obtaining a profitable market.


In school, and in the workplace, we do not allow, or encourage this natural process to happen.  We insist that students all graduate equal, and that all employees are equally promoted and paid regardless of sex.


Where progress is littered with traps and competition, and the nature of the opposition is not Christ-like, men are likely to be needed to face the problems with firm determination and strength.  Cruel men still control most of the world and a combative spirit is required to win from them.


Not politically correct thinking and not what I would like the world to be.


What do you think? 






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