By Dr. Claudia Machiella


Dr. Claudia Machiella, B.Sc., D.C. has focused her practice on Chiropractic Care and the care of women and children. 


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Vignette 1A - The Anatomy of Healing THE ORCHESTRA WRAP


The Anatomy of Healing

Vignette 1 — The Orchestra




Health is ultimately a state of mind.  If you think about negative, sad, angry things that will be the way your body feels.  Our Body, Mind and Soul function as an ‘orchestra’.  All the instruments must be precisely coordinated so the feeling you get when listening to the music lifts you up, brings your spirit to a beautiful high. The sensation is profound and makes you feel inspired.  However, if one instrument is not in tune or is off beat it becomes very evident and the sound is not as magical.  I learned that this concept applies to our body, mind and soul.  One ‘out of tune’ thought can disrupt the ‘orchestra’ within.  Our body does not scream out to tell us how a thought, a behavior or situation is affecting our constitution. 


Since our bodies operate like an orchestra we must examine every aspect and heal the components one instrument or system at a time.  The body which is the physical component of our being definitely needs to be fine-tuned regularly.  We need to orchestrate our muscles, joints and ligaments to move to the same beat and in coordination with one another so that injury and pain do not settle in for the long haul.  When the joints of the vertebrae are not fixed or ‘subluxed’ the nerve conduction pathways to other joints and muscles is unhindered and the orchestra of our body feels beautiful, healthy and magnificent.


Just as you are what you think, you are also what you eat.  Eating to maintain optimal health is not a new concept.  Fresh wholesome unprocessed foods are the best way to fuel our evolving and changing bodies.  By eating well we are promoting overall wellbeing and all of our organ systems are able to function properly and in sync.  Our delicate hormone balance remains in homeostasis so we are less prone to depression, inflammation and all auto-immune diseases. 


The importance of eating well goes far beyond managing our weight.  Choosing healthy food is a form of personal empowerment and having the strength to avoid ‘comfort’ eating that results from emotional turmoil.  It is about proving to yourself that you respect and value your body and that your actions and reactions are the result of your personal strength.  The feeling you get when you prepare, eat, share, and enjoy food, especially as it relates to the orchestra of our Body, Mind and Soul is majestic.  Not allowing emotions to take control of our thoughts and cloud our perspective on what is the best thing for our bodies is a huge step toward healing and optimal health.











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