By Dr. Claudia Machiella

Dr. Claudia Machiella, B.Sc., D.C. has focused her practice on Chiropractic Care and the care of women and children. 


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The Anatomy of Healing

Vignette 2 — An Attitude of Gratitude




The daily struggle to feel happy is real for many people.  Everything about our lives should bring us joy and make us feel happy.  However, we are living in a world where everything we need is at our fingertips and it’s all about instant gratification.  Instead of instant gratification, I like to encourage an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’.  When we are grateful for all aspects of our lives we are creating a paradigm shift in ourselves toward being healthy.  Gratitude is appreciating that you got stuck in traffic long enough to hear your favorite song on the radio.  Gratitude is being happy that a miserably rainy day forced you to stay indoors only to succeed at cleaning out your closet or cooking an awesome meal.  Gratitude is also the awareness that we are blessed with simple things like food and shelter.  In fact our daily thoughts should include being grateful for just being.  


Let’s go back to the concept of a ‘Paradigm Shift’.  When we shift our thoughts toward all the beauty that surrounds us we are inclined to appreciate our lives that much more. 

We appreciate our friends, family and coworkers and therefore have created ‘the Shift’.  When you are grateful rather than angry or disappointed, suddenly your schedule seems less hectic and you have more time for exercise and eating right.  You feel like you smile from ear to ear and everyone is asking how and why you have such a sunny outlook on life.


Having a negative outlook on life will only intensify the struggle within.  With the massive global movement toward having, showing and feeling gratitude we should really begin to focus our attention on being positively happy.  I love to wake up and immediately feel a sense of joy and gratitude for the day ahead.  That uplifting morning wake-up call will set the tone for the day and for your entire family.  There is always a sense of power that comes with making decisions, so why not decide to be happy and grateful all the time.  Along with a sense of power comes the discipline to make your mind, body and soul be one in the same.


Gratitude can lead us to a very healthy future.  When we are not focused on pain and illness and situations that take control of our minds, it allows us the opportunity to take control of our bodies.  We make our mind and body strong so that our thoughts and actions follow our soul’s desire, thereby inching closer to health and healing.




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