2016 POWER  4A. INDULGENCES THE POET'S CORNER POWER Issue 2016 - Photography By Vera Resnik JPGPhotography by Vera Resnik




More Or Less




More or less,

I never worry about having less than more.

Especially when more people have less than less

and my less than more is more than more.


The less weight on your shoulders,

the more you’re free;                                                                 

 yet the more you have the less you appreciate.


The less we know is bliss,

so they say,

but the more you learn the less confused you are 

about which holds greater value, more or less.








Stirrings in the Night


I’m used to sleeping alone

Hearing night sounds

in the woods

The sway of tall pines

Wind chimes on the porch

The patter of rain on

My bedroom window



We’re having a sleepover

Maddie on the cot

under the window

snuggling in her sleeping bag

Anabelle and I in my bed

Propped up by pillows

Reading stories aloud


The sound of girlish laughter

Then whispers in the dark

Tossing and wriggling

of young bodies

Such stirrings bring me peace






Caged With Love




Foraging in the forest as shots reverberate,

fracturing tranquility the lone deer collapses,

shedding its life force, eyes glazing, breathing a struggle.

Freedom of the run – gone.  Rescued. Caged with love.


Furry mom, three bandit-masked young,

cuddle in chimney nest. Frosty night.  Logs ignited.

Cries of pain sear air.  Dexterous, lighting quick paws,

nimble fingers burn, damaged forever.  Ill-fated illusions

of independency.  Rescued.  Caged with love.


Mother fox, leg in trap, painful death.

Kit emits doleful yowls. Wanders.  Imprints on humans,

forgets fear, how to hunt, survive.  Scenting,

romping in open spaces, a memory.  Rescued.  Caged with love.


Soaring aerialist, caressing, agile flapping,

rhythmical undulations, riding thermals, spotting prey,

swiftly descending, crashing.  High-wire collision.  Shattered,

crushed wing.  Flying possible only in dreams.  Hawk saved,

fed dead mice, protected.  Rescued.  Caged with love.






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