2016 WORLD LUX  22A. PIZZAZZ POWER Issue 2016 - Carl Jung JPGPhotography and Text by Kathleen Mailliard Solmssen




And That’s PIZZAZZ




“I understand exactly what you are saying right now.”  What a joy and a relief to hear that line from a member of the opposite sex.  We’ve all heard about “the child within”. How about the Animus and Anima within?  Carl Jung called it: “the still quiet voice-guide within”.  These Tarzan of the jungle and Helen of Troy anthropomorphic archetypes of the unconscious mind are such great gifts to guys and gals.  The animus (male energy) gives confidence and power to women while the anima (female energy) brings sensitivity and caring to men.


“The moment we met, we knew it was love.”  Let me just say that at any age: the animus in a she and the anima in a he is always a fascinating part of the “boy-girl” connection.  One can laugh this concept off, or use it to influence and impress your words and your work.


The unconscious mind is an ego-based, 24/7 part of the brain that demands respect and control.  Why not use it and enjoy it.  You can feel it influencing your behavior, rein it in or let it flow.


Last week, over a game of cards, I ramped my thoughts back to this Psychology 101 subject.   I noticed that there were two sets of two distinct elements on the cards: black clubs and spades, red hearts and diamonds.  For some odd reason, the black ones became male symbols, while the red ones reminded me of female energy.  Guys (clubs) love sports of any kind.  They’ll toss a ball back and forth for hours.  Guys also love tools (spades) and hardware stores.  Females can’t get enough girl time (hearts) and jewels (diamonds) bring ’em on please!


Bingo, Carl Jung’s animus/anima theory popped into my head!  The playing cards looked so balanced.  The aces of spades and hearts, the kings and queens were nearly winking at me.  Could it be that the “still quiet voice in me”, the “guyness” in me, might be empowering me?  Could this male energy be protecting me?


Gazing at my cards, my thoughts continued, “Could the pulsating hearts and huge diamonds be giving the guys at the table a deeper respect and appreciation of the “girlness” within them?


Suddenly, without a care, a devilish smile appeared on my face as I thought, “Who would ever have  “thunk” that Jung and a deck of cards could awaken my “guy within”?


We won that hand, and that, girls and boys, is PIZZAZ! 



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