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Gary Sweeney – Richmond, Virginia


Firefly ~ 199




Stepping outside, it’s humid, but nothing I haven’t felt before. I was away for a year; and although I had 28 previous years to override one year of difference, that one year spread like cancer and tried to kill everything before it. It didn’t, but it came close.

So outside I sat for a minute watching a few sparks circling in the silhouette of blackened tree leaves. Fireflies. They navigate in the dark…terrified because they can’t see through barriers. But instinctively, they light up and expose their surroundings…bringing to the stage a labyrinth of unseen highways. Now they have a million ways to escape. All they have to do is choose one.

And I wondered if they’re able to decide when to illuminate, or if some involuntary sense of blindness lights a distress flare. A few moments later, in my hindsight, I realized it didn’t matter. What matters is that these small insects pale in contrast to human beings, and yet survive because they have an awareness….that the darkness around them is powerless against internal light, their own strength. As advanced as we’ve become, the simplest things are buried in plain view.

Sometimes I need a reminder myself.








Inborn Happiness ~ 84




It’s hard to contain

this feeling of love and happiness

as I walk into the kitchen to make my coffee.


Summer sunlight casts a golden glow

on the wooden walls.

His teak dining room table

stands on my great grandmother’s

aging Oriental rug.


I savor the fragrance of fresh flowers

on the black lacquered altar table

with its inlaid Chinese scenes.


I turn on the classical music channel

on our flat screen tv as the coffee perks

and I give thanks.






Rainbow ~ 133




Look; sky storm. Listen; sky grumbles. Feel; sky tears.

Look; sky clearing. Listen; sky harmonies. Feel; sky caressing breezes.


Diaphanous mist drifting, swirling. Glowing iridescent raindrops. A spark of sun,

a patch of blue, dazzle of refraction: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet,

a sky garden blooming.


Grab my hand. Let’s dance under the rainbow.


R iotous

A wesome

I nspiring

N otable

B eauteous

O pulent

W onderful.


Sing a song of gratitude. Climb onto the arc of colors, infuse them into your soul.

Let red give you passion, orange cheerfulness, yellow energy, green abundance, blue

trust, indigo wisdom, violet love.


Savor the moment. Don’t blink. Revel in the double rainbow.

Slide down, hug the hues. Color fades, fades, fades. Gone. Now a memory.


We are the pot of gold.





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