When we look at the world through the eyes of Unsung Heroes we see undreamed of possibilities. More and more we appreciate the incredible number of nominations submitted from around the world in the five ADESTE categories: Humanities, Social Justice, Arts, Technology and Medicine. The nominees of The ADESTE Gold Medal remind us of how many wonderful people are doing amazing things from corner to corner in this chaotic world. Also, we are reminded that the most important aspect, the heart, of ADESTE, is to discover “the 40 and under” Unsung Heroes who “outperform” in a globe of billions.


Jo Lee Magazine And Its 21 World Voting Members Of Adeste Present With Pride

The 12th Annual Adeste Gold Medal Laureate 2016



Johannesburg – South Africa

19 Years




2016 WORLD LUX 0A.A. Philanthropic ARTICLE - 2016 Laureate WORLD LUXURY Issue 2016 WRAP Final 4.13.16




Nadav has inspired a younger generation to protect the environment by using software to share sightings of animals in various wildlife-filled game reserves.

Championing our natural heritage, Nadav is selflessly trying to assist with protecting wildlife including fighting rhino poaching, and tracking wild dogs.  His efforts have helped save injured animals, track and collar animals for study, and share the joy of our wilderness areas with the rest of the world. 


His creation, Latest Sightings, allows people to share sightings of animals they come across at the Kruger National Park and various game reserves and to interact with one another on electronic platforms.


Channeling his passion for wildlife, conservation and his love of the Kruger National Park, Nadav created www.latestsightings.com, an Internet real-time, wildlife-spotting website for visitors going on safari. 


Latest Sightings uses the concept of crowd sourcing, combining social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and WhatsApp Messenger, a free mobile messaging app, to inform visitors to the parks (as well as enthusiasts worldwide) where interesting animals and birds have just been spotted. 


The Kruger Sightings YouTube Channel is the most watched South African-based channel with over 305 million views.


A side note.


Nadav also collected hundreds of thousands of rand worth of food and clothing for the displaced staff of Shingwedzi Rest Camp during the devastating floods, enlisting the support of his classmates and community, and made a plan to deliver it all with the help of a Land Rover.


Nadav developed Latest Sightings, which now has over 450,000 members, when he was on holiday at the Kruger National Park in 2011 at the age of 15; an example of what a young entrepreneur can accomplish using 21st century technology.  He is now 19.


JO LEE Magazine applauds, congratulates and reveres Nadav Ossendryver for his compassion – for embracing the world at large.







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