PROS & EX.CONS – Immigration

By Stanley J Dorst




 2016 WORLD LUX 2A. PROS & EX CONS WORLD LUXURY Issue 2016 - Immigration








Immigration patterns differ significantly across the county. I read that the western states attract the greatest proportion of Hispanic immigrants resulting in 26 percent of California children 15 years of age and younger being Caucasian, while 60 percent are Hispanic.

Does anybody think that is not a problem and that our government’s failure to control the border is just really OK?

Since I don’t regularly read liberal literature, I don’t see how people can abide and sympathize with the horde of immigrants.

I do understand wanting to help those who are less fortunate than we are, but is it possible to help all the billions that exist in poverty? Of course not!

The way to help the world is to offer help in changing the systems of government in poverty-stricken countries. For example refuse to trade unless they share the wealth with the poor.

It is only with the rule of laws based upon a constitution that is inviolate can economy thrive and the people prosper. It has nothing to do with sharing our food or possessions. It has to do with encouraging democracy and the required education.

The Arabs will never be prosperous by adopting Sharia law because it prevents the full utilization of the human spirit. Any government that is not subservient to a constitution will not administer justice fairly, allow free enterprise to prosper, and provide a reasonable standard of living to its citizens.

Why do I say this? Because we have to accept that the human animal needs to be restricted by education and laws that cannot be changed, or ignored, by the head of government.

So how can people continue to support programs that decrease our available capital and encourage dependence on government programs?

If we want to help the world’s poor, who are suffering, don’t make token gifts. Instead fund a program such as the one George H.W. Bush initiated in the Middle East. What a great vision he had, but it is much harder to carry out than giving aid to the United Nations. We pulled out of our foothold of democracy in the Middle East and we send them care parcels.

What do you think?






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