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Trump Victory Will Expose Economic Saboteurs




I support Trump and will vote for him, but I also understand that there will be great costs associated with his victory.  Even greater benefits!  Already, in the primaries, you saw him flushing the Bolsheviks out of the woodpile.  The Trotskyite Neoconservatives who have been controlling the Republican Party have defected to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton now that a pro-American, anti-globalist candidate is surging forward.  The likes of William Kristol and Breitbarts’s Ben Shapiro are fully exposed as Trotskyite insurgents who infiltrated the Republican Party. 


The destructive capacity of the Trotskyite insurgents is demonstrated by the incredible death, mayhem, economic cost, and massive loss of prestige that America has endured while they controlled both the Republican and Democratic parties.  Their reaction to Donald Trump demonstrates that they wish to impose the same kind of dystopia upon America that they delivered to Serbia and the Middle East.  Thus this brings us to our inevitable economic crisis.


To understand this, one foundational concept must be understood.  This thing that we call the left, Marxism, progressivism, liberalism, Communism, etc., is not an alternative economic system or way of organizing society; it is a system of warfare.  It is the way this diabolical mass-murder cult conducts war.  Nothing more and nothing less!  Anyone who wants to stop or slow down its destructive policies is labeled a Nazi and is destroyed in the same way an invading army will destroy any force that resists its aggression. 


What frightens this mass-murder cult is how boldly the American people are turning their backs on 50 plus years of Marxist propaganda.  This scares the left because it has little real power in America; it is a paper tiger.  All Americans have to do to defeat this deadly threat is to simply say “no”.  Now with the help of the Trump campaign we are saying no.  But, when faced with a stern “no”, the Bolshevik left will resort to the one real weapon it has: control of the financial system.


After the 2008 financial crises, leftists like Paul Krugman constructed a massive glass economic boat in which our economy floats perilously rudderless in mid-ocean.  This economic boat is built with paper-thin glass so fragile that the tiniest stone from a leftist slingshot can send America into shark-filled waters.  The left has piles of financial stones, and if “The Trump” gets elected, in my humble opinion, I believe it will start shooting.  The attack will only convince more Americans that the left is nothing less than an enemy army and, like Iceland, we will purge and move on without it, many times stronger than before.


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