Peace With Russia In One Conversation




A dear friend of mine asked recently, “Craig, do you think Donald Trump can make peace with Russia?”  I thought for a moment and said, “Yes, it could be done in one brief conversation.”  How?  Let me explain.


First, it must be made clear that there is no cultural conflict between ethnic Russians and Americans or any other European peoples.  We are close cousins and there is no cultural reason that we should not be friends.  Why is there conflict?  The answer is that Russia was taken over by a Marxist cult in 1917 whose goal was the destruction of all culture.   In modern Russia this Marxist cult has lost most of its momentum.  Trotskyism is the modern incarnation of this cult and it lives not in Russia but in America and hides behind the label of Neoconservativism. 


Confused?  Imagine some leftists knock on your door and inform you that, you and your culture are unacceptable to them. Then ask you, “What will you do about it?”  At that moment the “revolutionary process” has begun.  How violent that process will be is determined by how hard you resist it.  Russia resisted fiercely.  America has not been resisting so the process is thus far not bloody, as it was in Russia. 


Although bloodless, a very toxic reality has emerged:  America is a Chimera state.  The Chimera is a Greek mythological monster; usually a lion with the head of a goat attached to its back.  In the political sense it is a state, the lion, with a small entity, the goat head, controlling this state from behind.  For at least thirty years the Trotskyite/Neocon head on its back has controlled America.  That head has been pretending to be a part of the Republican Party until the Trump campaign exposed it last spring.  It is this Neocon Chimera that gave us the wars in Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, and Syria.  You could even add the destruction of Rhodesia and South Africa to that list.  The Trotskyite Chimera on America’s back has a neurotic hatred for Russians and Slavs in general, and the current tensions are because of that hatred. 


Mr. Putin and his political philosophers have made it very clear.  The tension between the West and Russia is because of the Chimera goat on the back of the West, not with the West itself.  They also made it clear that if the West sheds the Trotskyite/Neocon beast on its back the tension will disappear.


A brief meeting with Mr. Putin saying, “we have shed the Chimera,” and most of the problems between Russia and the West would become administrative, not ideological.  That simple. 




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