Dining With Voltaire




To dine with the best company

To dine alone is impossible

To dine with my brilliant

Audacious and totally remarkable

Friends is the best of company


Voltaire  —  Voltaire  —  Voltaire







Hello dear friends and welcome to the past where life takes on a romantic air entwined with suspense and mystery.


History is enveloped in stories of adventure, passion and intrigue.  Wouldn’t you love to join me on a trip to the past?  What era would you choose?  Who would you choose to dine with?  Imagine the grandeur of re-living the most lavish periods of history.  Consider your part in dinner conversations and the excitement of participating.  What would we hear that has been lost through time?  Would words that we thought were true have lost their meaning when put back into context?  Might you change your opinion when hearing the real reason a decision was made, a battle fought, a country invaded?  So many variables and you – have an invitation to join the most prestigious historical figure one could choose as we eavesdrop on two unlikely dinner companions.



Dining With Voltaire




The “Empress of Fashion” in the guise of the Empress of Russia dines with Voltaire.  It’s Catherine {the Great}, not I, who is having dinner with her pen pal.


Although Voltaire and Catherine never met, their correspondence lasted 16 years. Voltaire called her the “Semiramis of the Snows” and, when severely criticized by his friend and patron Frederick the Great for defending this unscrupulous monarch, Voltaire simply replied, “One must love one’s friends with all their faults.”


Catherine in turn adored Voltaire, whom she described as “a great man who was very fond of me,” and said, “There is the man to whom I owe all I know and all I am.”


Can you feel the luxury and grandeur of this evening?  Do you feel inclined to speak in hushed tones as you’re surrounded by the works of art that you would only find in galleries around the world?


So, do come with me!  This may be the one opportunity you have to dine with such famous figures of our past as you savor delicacies and learn more than any history book could have shared in an evening by the fire.


The possibilities are endless and it is you, dear friends, who will make this occasion one to be remembered.  It is your personality that will bring passion, controversy, sophistication and beauty to the evening’s success.  How it turns out is anyone’s guess until the very end of the last course.


E saluti e buon appetito — from my Italian home to yours as you capture this romantic air, in your very own inimitable way.







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