Forest Kids:  Who Will Save Our Forests?



The world’s forests are home to a diversity of life on earth, representing about two-thirds of plant and animal species.  Forests provide lots of valuable materials for households, communities and nations including firewood, timber, fruit, medicine, dyes, edible seeds, insects and hosts of other non-wood forest products important for human development and survival.  Forests are also vital in winning the battle against climate change because they act as a basin for carbon and hence have the capacity to store large quantities of carbon in them.  Forests could be referred to as the lungs of the earth because the air we breathe, the stability of the global climate and the rich biodiversity depend on forests.


Today, the world’s forest resources have come under despicable and uncontrolled use leading to massive losses of the precious life-giving and life-sustaining beings called TREES.  The health of the world’s forests is directly connected to the health of all other life forms on earth including man.


Annually, it is estimated that forests as large as the size of Portugal are lost to deforestation; in fact as much as 80% of the world’s forests have been destroyed or irreparably degraded.  With this very alarming decline in global forest resources, it becomes pertinent to seek for ways to preserve and protect this precious natural resource.


Who will save the world’s forests?  Whose responsibility it is to save the world’s forests from this situation remains an unanswered question.  Governments and the international community have made promises, and yet the rate of deforestation is still alarming.




Future businesses will depend on forests, education will depend on the remaining forests’ structure and types, health care and enjoyment of life through tourism will depend on the available forests, enjoyment of clean air and water will be tied to the protection of forests and watersheds, housing and energy provision will be a function of forests and forest products available.


I am talking about the CHILD – who is already living in an environmental deficit, paying for what she or he did not bargain for!  The warmer climates, the forest fires, the unclean air and the lack of clean water for survival – heightened by soaring food prices!


It’s time to allow the CHILD to be part of his or her future – Forest Kids.  Kids who will use their vast energy to create the future forests for their survival!  There is no other time but now.  We can save their future by educating them on the roles and values of forests, the multiple benefits of forests to human survival. 


Let’s end the destruction of the forests and create the future forests for our kids.


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