By Tim Stark

Dr. Sneezles

Virginia Beach USA




I prescribe a bit of THIS and THAT!



Dr. Sneezles: The Beginning

Chapter Two Of Nine




How does one get a start in being a clown Doctor, you may ask (or you may not ask…in that case read no further).


Dr. Sneezles was inspired during a time when his alter ego (Tim Stark’s) mother was in ICU.   He had friends who used their comedic talents to bring smiles to a hospital environment.  So he thought, “why not me.”  Tim’s Mom had a great sense of humor, also inspiring the creation of Dr. Sneezles.


I was right. I found IT.


The nursing staff of the hospital were VERY supportive and Dr. Sneezles was able to bring smiles to hospital staff and nurses alike.  There were some “real” Doctors who weren’t too sure what to do with Dr. Sneezles, but then again, one can’t make everyone laugh.


Dr. Sneezles tries to live by the philosophy of compassionate humor, laughing at the circumstances, NEVER the patient.


Laughter is the best medicine…unless you’re really hurt, then you should call 911.



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