Mark Raynes Roberts

Mark Raynes Roberts

World-renowned crystal artist and designer Mark Raynes Roberts, has been a master in the art of hand-engraved crystal for over 35 years, and has created many commissioned works of art for royalty, global leaders, and titans in the fields of business, science, sport and entertainment. Such luminairies as Dr. Nelson Mandela, HRH Prince Andrew, the Duke of York,
the Archbishop of Canterbury and HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal have all been recipients of his crystal art.


This exclusive retrospective selection of 16 Raynes crystal works of art captures the detail, imagination and creativity of an artist whose extraordinary craftsmanship and talent is omnipotent. Having initially trained as a silver and goldsmith in his native England, he now combines his crystal designs with such precious metals as sterling sliver, platinum and 18kt gold.


JO LEE Magazine is proud to present this exclusive group of 16 crystal masterpieces, showcasing one of the world’s truly great artist designers, whose sculptures can be found in private and corporate art collections around the globe.

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2016-anniv-6a-16-masterpieces-in-crystal-a-symphony-of-light-16-that-matter-cats-eye-anniversary-issue-2016Mark Raynes Roberts | Jo Lee Magazine


Cat’s Eye is inspired by the quote “Time is not a line but a dimension, like the dimensions of space.  If you can bend space you can bend time also, and if you knew enough and could move faster than light you could travel backward in time and exist in two places at once” by Margaret Atwood.  ILLUMINATION – Portraits of Canadian Literature Collection 9″h x 11″w x 5″d



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